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Год выпуска: 1999
Язык: Только японский
Жанр: JRPG
Выпущено: Banpresto
Платформа: PlayStation one
Slayers Wonderful (スレイヤーズ わんだほ〜 - sureiya-zu wandaho~) is a 1998 Playstation video game based on the popular Slayers franchise . Like the other two games, it was released by Banpresto, Japan-exclusively. It's a traditional-style role-playing game with a turn-based battle system quite similar to that of earlier Final Fantasy games, and an over-the-top view graphics engine vaguely reminiscent of Grandia.
One day Lina and her ever-present sidekick Gourry come across a band of thieves and proceed to relieve them of their loot. The fight would just turn out to be regular a one-hit clash, when all magical power leaves Lina and Gourry, practically incapacitating the Sword of Light and Lina's bigger magic spells, thus forcing them to do the handiwork on the bandits themselves. After that, they embark on a long journey to find the cause of their loss of power, reuniting with old friends and ultimately getting mixed up in a conflict much bigger than they imagined, a quest to save the world.
Game reception
The game was universally hailed for the quality work of its original voice actors who reprised their roles as the original anime characters. The game is regarded as an entertaining experience for fans of the series, retaining its quirky humor and well-designed cutscenes, but otherwise, it's relatively substandard in graphics, but especially in player interaction. Slayers Wonderful had a misaligned difficulty, most of the enemies could be killed easily, gaining experience was practically unavoidable and leveling up happened fast. That combined with the unbalanced strength of Lina's spells made the game a one-time ride for most gamers, experiencing an otherwise sematic storyline. Due to mixed reviews and moderate publicity and success, the game did not see an overseas release.
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