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Нага Серпент
Naga the White Serpent
白蛇のナーガ Shiroi Hebi no Nāga

Прозвища: Gracia Ul Naga, Saillune (Seyruun)
Родина: Saillune (Seyruun)
Род занятий: Формально принцесса, сейчас волшебница
Раса: Человек
Цвет волос: Фиолетовый/чёрный
Цвет глаз: Голубой
Известные родственики: Amelia Wil Tesla Sailoone(сестра), Prince Phil (отец)
Возраст: ~19-20
Способности: Black Magic (Summoning Magic)Shamanic MagicWhite Magic
Оружие: Меч(никогда его не использовала)
Слабости: Боится крови
Друзья: Лина Инверс (Lina Inwers)

Naga the White Serpent (白蛇のナーガ Shiroi Hebi no Nāga?) is a fictional character in the novel, movie, OVA and manga versions of Slayers. Her Japanese voice actress is Maria Kawamura, and her English voice actress is Kelly Manison.It is believed that Naga is really Gracia Ul Naga Seiryuun (Japanese: グレイシア=ウル=ナーガ=セイルーン Gureishia Uru Nāga Seirūn), the older sister of Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun. She is the self-proclaimed rival and traveling companion of Lina Inverse. While not a friend of Lina, she wasn't exactly an enemy, even though she often took sides opposite of the red-haired sorceress. Naga's exact age is not known, but it is assumed that she is around 19 or 20 during the time Slayers Special took place, making her several years older than Lina. Naga is also extremely busty and takes great pride in the superiority of said endowments over Lina.
Friendship and rivalry with LinaBecause Naga did not appear in any of the TV series (The Slayers, Slayers Next and Slayers Try), she has not been written up in the Ultimate Fan Guides role-playing supplements for the series by Guardians of Order, unusual for such a major character in the Slayers mythos. This is because GoOrder only possess the rights to the TV series, and Naga is strictly an OVA and Movie character. The license is set to expire soon so it is unknown if she will be added if the game is picked up by another company. However, Naga did briefly appear in the Slayers Premium movie, employed as "the octopus sorceress" to go against Lina.Naga is a tall and overly-buxom woman who wears a leather bikini-like garment, and has a laugh that could cause whole towns to evacuate just to get away from the sound of it. However, Naga takes pride in her laughter, and may take offense at those whose laughter is not like hers. Naga also has an aversion to the sight of blood, and would faint if someone was slightly scratched. Like Lina, Naga is proficent in many spells, especially healing spells and golem-forming spells.After being a part of a chimera experiment (which took place in the events of Slayers Special), there are now eleven clones of Naga running around the world. Ten of them are just like her, minus the fact that they don't possess any of her memories or magic skills, and the other does have her skills, but has a complete opposite personality (a whiny, extremely modest girl).
Lina and Naga in each other's clothesNaga's real full name is Gracia Ul Naga Saillune, making her the first daughter of Crown Prince Philionel El Di Saillune and the older sister of Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune. She has one living uncle, Christopher Wil Brogg Saillune, one deceased uncle, Randy Saillune, and a deceased cousin, Alfred Saillune. Her grandfather, Eldoran Saillune, is the king of Saillune, although Philionel acts as a proxy ruler.Naga's mother was killed several years earlier by the famous assassin Booley, and as a result, Naga took revenge and killed Booley with the crown princess' original spell, Chaos String. After the funeral, Naga found the outfit she currently wears inside her mother's closet, and shortly after this, she left home to learn the ways of the world. Contrary to popular belief, Naga still keeps in touch with her hometown, and occasionally she will be sent money through a messenger.Being a princess, Naga knows when to be graceful, and when to be self-confident. She does not flaunt that fact that she is royalty (her heritage is never mentioned in any series and has only been acknowledged in informal discussions), but the way she acts makes it quite apparent. When she stands before other members of royalty, she speaks to them as equals, while Lina will bow her head and speak only when spoken to. Many of her confident poses and speeches are strikingly similar to those of Amelia or Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova, another princess (now queen). To her dismay, Naga is often referred to as Lina's sidekick or "that other girl."
Naga is very skilled in white magic, no doubt because of where she grew up. Lina is often surprised when Naga uses these spells, because Naga does not seem like the kind of person to want to heal people. During the Slayers Special OAV, she shocked Lina by using the Flow Break spell to stop some magically animated suits of armour. The Flow Break spell is a high-level white magic spell, which Lina did not think Naga would be capable of. Naga also specializes in shamanistic magic, especially spells of the earth and water variety. She enjoys creating her own golems (even if they usually don't turn out very well), and one of her favorite spells to use is Freeze Arrow.Another of Naga's skills is to terrorize people with her obnoxious laughing. She's extremely proud of her highly developed, self-confident laugh and the effect that it has on unsuspecting people. She also likes to use her body to tease or distract men who are trying to go against her.Naga carries a large sword, but she never uses it, as she is afraid of blood. This phobia was most likely caused by witnessing her mother's brutal slaughter.
The only Slayers character Naga really interacts with is Lina. Naga proclaims herself to be Lina's strongest and foremost rival, and this annoys Lina to no end. Nevertheless, these two will often work together despite their differences, and when they do, they are a great team.Amelia and Naga never meet in any of the various Slayers media. In the first season of Slayers, episode 17, Question? He's proposing to THAT girl?, a woman with Naga's distinctive build and outfit walks in front of the disguised Amelia, Gourry, and Lina; Amelia appears to do a double-take. In the Slayers video games, Naga met the rest of the TV cast, but not Amelia. In Slayers Premium, Amelia was blasted off shortly before Naga's appearance. However, there was one time when they did meet; in Slayers VS Orphen. Naga was wearing a mask that hid her face, and Amelia began to ask Naga a question, but Naga interrupted and told Amelia she was a friend of Lina's.
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